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The Superiority of DOMAIN India's VPS Hosting

We offer the best OPENVZ VPS hosting solutions in India, tailored to meet your requirements. Our robust and scalable VPS hosting plans are designed to provide you with unparalleled performance, reliability, affordable, powerful, and security. With a variety of features, competitive pricing, and top-notch support, full control over software installation and configuration, Domain India is the perfect choice for your business.

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Select Perfect VPS Plan

We recommend VPS hosting for Tomcat, NodeJS, MongoDB (NoSQL), Redis (in-memory data structure store, cache) or game development, video streaming hosting, high server resources for high traffic or full control over the server and OS.

  • Core


  • Memory

    4 GB

  • Storage

    500 GB

  • Bandwidth

    1000 TB


per month * 2 Month free if you pay for 1 Year

Choose Your VPS Hosting Plan

You can also access the VPS in graphical mode using VNC Remote Access, full Root Access, Rescue mode, Reboot , SSH Keys.

VCPU Memory CPU Power Storage Geekbench Score Bandwidth Price
1 vCPU 4GB 2.4GHz1 core 512GB


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2 vCPU 8GB 4.8GHz2 cores 1000GB


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3 vCPU 16GB 7.2GHz3 cores 2000GB


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Our VPS Hosting Platform Best Features

VPS plans while delivering maximum density, Cost Efficiency and application performance. Intelligent Partitioning, Dynamic Resource Allocation, Mass Management, multi-Container and multi-server administration.

SSD Disk Drives

You cank choose hard disk drives(HDD) for Traditional Hard Disk Drive & High Storage or solid-state drives (SSD)/NVMe (PCIe SSD) for Solid State Drive For High Input/Output

100 Mb/s Network

We can guarantee an excellent experience and loading time with Cisco/Juniper-powered Redundant network, N+2 fully redundant Power Supply , power outage protection Energy efficient direct free cooling & High-Performance Hardware

DDoS Protection

Our Datacenter bundled DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) using Arbor and Juniper hardware mitigation as a completely free service with each of our VPS

Dedicated IP

One of many premium features is a dedicated IP

IPv6 Support

Our VPS hosting plan is fully packed with dedicated IPv6 Internet protocol IP

Money-back Guarantee - Unused fee on VPS

Only the unused VPS amount can be redeemed, Refunds are not available for Addon/Control Panel license or third party license.

We offer several Operating System selection and Control Panels

You can choose from centos, ubuntu, suse, scientific, debian, fedora and Control panel option such as Cpanel, DirectAdmin, Plesk, aaPanel, vestacp


Frequently Asked Queries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Domain Registration, Web Hosting & Servers . Still have questions? Contact us

Our hosting team will assist you to transform your site from the current hosting provider to DOMAIN INDIA, risk-free transfer the website to the new server without affecting the search engine rankings and without any downtime or data loss. Our expert hosting team will take care of everything for you

OpenVz (Open Virtuozzo) is an operating system-level virtualization technology that uses a shared kernel with a thin layer of virtualization on the operating system (Linux) to share resources such as CPU, memory, and hard drive.

Both Linux-based control panel, DirectAdmin supports Fedora family distribution, such as Ubuntu and Debian family (Centos) And the other side CPanel control only supports Centos, Experimental status on Ubuntu

cPanel is one of the most popular control panels in the web hosting industry, providing a great user experience 7 includes a lot of features. On the other hand,DirectAdmin works as a simple and easy to use control panel and lightweight option. Therefore, DirectAdmin uses very little server resources, so it is fast.

Cpanel and Directadmin are free for end users, But Hosting provider Cpanel license fees are high and require additional fees per user, so it plays a key role in finalizing the price of hosting products.

Both support all major 3rd party hosting software and tools, DirectAdmin support additionally openlitespeed and nginx reverse proxy for apache

Security aspects both are highly secure , Many Security Plugins avaialble such as ConfigServer Firewall / Fail2Ban, Cloudlinux and imunify360, ModSecurity and AntiMalware Plugins such as imunify360, Opsshield cPGuard with Commercial WAF (DirectAdmin support) Linux Malware Detect, RKHunter.

A physical server is divided into Few virtual private server and its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth. Actuality a part of one physical server. It gives you to configure less cost your own server.

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