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Your Inquisitive Mind at Ease - FAQs

Got queries about domain registration, web hosting, or servers? You're in the right spot! Dive into our Frequently Asked Questions. Still have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Registering a domain is akin to establishing your unique address on the internet. It helps in carving out a niche for your brand, products or services, elevating public awareness and fostering web traffic. A domain name also bolsters your search engine rankings. Open domains such as .com, .org, and .net follow the first-come, first-served policy, provided that the registrant has a legitimate interest in the domain name and uses it in good faith.

A domain name can include alphabets (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), and hyphens, but should exclude special characters and blank spaces. The name is case insensitive and should not exceed 63 characters for optimal functionality.

Following a successful payment, your domain is registered within a minute. However, a manual registration process might be required or a rejection might occur if you've entered more than 64 characters in the address field or more than 12 digits in the phone number.

Once a domain name is registered and paid for, it's not possible to cancel the registration. It's valid for the registered period, usually one year. The first three cancellations, however, are allowed at INR 80, after which you can register any available domain.

We streamline your domain renewal process. A month before your domain's expiration, we'll shoot you an invoice. Post-payment, your domain is automatically renewed. That's all there is to it. Easy-peasy, right?

Domain Privacy Protection shields your personal information from the public eye. When enabled, your contact details are replaced with ours or those of the privacy protection service, keeping your information safe from unwanted solicitation or identity theft.

Setting up your custom domain email is a breeze with DomainIndia.com. Log into your account, navigate to 'Email Accounts' under 'My Domains'. There, you can create your new email account, just don't forget to connect it with your domain!

Of course, you can! You're welcome to purchase a domain without hosting at DomainIndia.com. However, to have a functioning website, you'd need a hosting provider. So, why not take advantage of our top-tier, affordable hosting services?

Domain forwarding or redirecting is handy when you want your domain to lead visitors to a different website. After logging into your account, find 'Domain Forwarding' under 'My Domains' and follow the prompts to set it up.

A domain lock safeguards your domain from unauthorized transfers. With this setting, you're adding an extra layer of security to prevent any inadvertent or malicious transfer of your domain ownership.

DNS, or Domain Name System, translates human-friendly domain names into IP addresses that computers understand. You can modify DNS settings, including A records, CNAME, MX, and others, in your account under 'DNS Management' for your domain.

Unfortunately, no. A domain name, once registered, is unique to the owner. But don't fret! Our search tool can suggest similar or related domain names that you might find suitable for your needs.

If your domain has expired, worry not. Once you've paid the renewal invoice, we'll set things right and your domain will be back in action in no time.

Subdomains are divisions of your main domain, serving as an additional part of your domain name. They can direct users to different areas of your website. To create one, simply go to 'My Domains', select your domain, and click on 'Subdomains'.

TLDs, or Top Level Domains, are the last segment of a domain name - the letters immediately following the final dot. Examples are .com, .net, .org. ccTLDs, or country code TLDs, represent specific geographic locations. For example, .us for United States, .in for India.

Yes, indeed! Our platform supports bulk registration, making it a breeze for you to manage multiple domains in one go. You can find this option under the 'Bulk Domain Registration' section in your account.

Domain parking lets you reserve a domain name for future use and display a temporary web page when users visit your domain. This is often done when your website is under construction or when you've registered multiple domains to protect your brand.

Indeed, your domain name is your digital real estate. If you choose to sell it, you can set up a For Sale landing page or list it on domain marketplaces. Keep in mind, the transfer process varies depending on the buyer's and seller's registrars.

Premium domains are high-value domains that have strong branding potential, are easy to remember, and often contain popular keywords. These domains command a higher price point and are often seen as an investment.

Yes, you are free to move your domain to another registrar. You'll need to unlock your domain and get the EPP code for transfer. However, ICANN's policy requires a wait of 60 days from the date of registration or transfer before another transfer can take place.

A custom 404 page can be set up by editing your website's .htaccess file. This lets you redirect users to a customized page when the page they're trying to access cannot be found. If you need help with this, feel free to contact our support team!

You can still make the most out of your domain even without a website. By customizing your domain email, you can boost your professional credibility. You can also use it to create a custom URL for your social media page. More so, it can be an investment as you can resell it in the future.

At any time, you can modify your domain registration address or WHOIS details. After logging into the client area, go to "My Domains", click "Manage", then "Contact Information". Please note that transfers are only allowed 60 days after the registration date.