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About Us

Welcome to DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, your reliable partner in domain and web hosting services. Our journey began in 2007 as a partnership firm, Domain India, and evolved into a private limited company in 2016. Since our inception, we've been dedicated to cultivating enduring customer relationships, delivering superior quality services, and offering these services at competitive market prices.

As a premier .in accredited domain name registrar (IANA ID: 810005), we strive to simplify the intricate world of domain registration and web hosting, offering comprehensive solutions to both businesses and individuals. Our singular vision has guided us in successfully completing over 500 projects and satisfying more than 35,000 clients.

Our founder embarked on this journey as an entrepreneur with a fascination for computers and the internet in late 2000s, particularly web development. This passion grew into a business focused on providing secure, affordable hosting services, with customer satisfaction as our primary goal. Our steadfast commitment to forging first-rate relationships has propelled our growth and enabled us to overcome challenges along the way.

At DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we offer a diverse range of services designed to meet the unique needs of our clients. This includes Domain Name Registration, Cpanel, Directadmin & Plesk Panels Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS, among others. Our best-selling service, Economy Plus - Cpanel Shared Web Hosting, exemplifies our commitment to delivering excellent value for money. This service offers a comprehensive suite of features including a Website Builder, SSL Certificate, professional Email Accounts, Automatic Backup, One-click installer, and robust security measures like Firewall, DDOS Protection, and a Malware Scanner.

Our profound understanding of the dynamic digital landscape, coupled with our technical innovation, sets us apart from our competitors. Rather than merely selling products to our customers, we tailor our offerings to match their essential needs, providing exactly what is required at the most minimal cost.

As we envision our future, our ultimate goal is to rise as a leading domain and web hosting brand in India, harnessing the power of AI-based chatbots to further enhance the customer experience. This aligns with our commitment to continuous adaptation, innovation, and offering the best in digital solutions.

Choosing a hosting provider involves careful consideration of value for money and prioritizing security. At DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we pledge to deliver on both these fronts, ensuring your satisfaction at every step of the way.

Thank you for choosing us. We are excited and eager to serve you.

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Our Philosophy

At DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we adhere to a simple philosophy: providing exceptional domain registration and web hosting services tailored to each client's specific needs. We believe in understanding and catering to your individual requirements rather than offering a one-size-fits-all solution.

Our Journey

Our journey was sparked by a fascination for computers and the internet. The excitement of creating a website and sharing it with the world inspired the birth of our company. Since then, our dedication to providing secure, affordable, and reliable hosting services has enabled us to successfully complete over 500 projects and satisfy more than 35,000 clients.

Our Services

Our services are designed to streamline your operations and optimize your online presence. We offer a broad spectrum of services, including Domain Name Registration, Cpanel, Directadmin & Plesk Panels Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS. Our best-selling service, the Economy Plus – Cpanel Shared Web Hosting, blends affordability with reliability and features like SSL certificate, professional email addresses, automatic backup, one-click installer, and robust security measures.

Our Commitment

We pride ourselves on our commitment to customer satisfaction, a commitment that distinguishes us from our competitors. . We prioritize understanding your needs and delivering essential services at minimal costs, fostering enduring relationships. We don't just sell products; we offer solutions. This approach has catalyzed our continuous growth and success over the past 16+ years.

Our Vision

Our vision for the future is clear. We aim to emerge as a top domain and web hosting brand in India. To accomplish this, we are committed to continuously innovating our services, leveraging the power of AI technology to improve customer experiences, and consistently adhering to our commitment to customer satisfaction.

At DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, we are dedicated to helping you establish a secure, reliable, and cost-effective online presence. When choosing your hosting provider, we emphasize the importance of considering the value for money and prioritizing security. This is precisely what we offer - unparalleled service at the right price.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for choosing DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, and we look forward to serving you.

Our Future

As we stride towards the future, we are excited about our ambitious plans. We envision introducing AI-based chatbots to elevate our service experience and cater to our customer needs more efficiently. With technology continuously evolving, we are committed to staying ahead of the curve, ensuring that we remain your trusted partner in your digital journey.


Your journey to a robust online presence begins with the right domain and hosting service, and DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED is here to provide just that. Our blend of superior quality services, customer-centric approach, and competitive prices set us apart in the digital landscape. When it comes to hosting providers, consider not just the cost, but also the value and security provided. That's what we pledge to offer – exceptional service at the right price, without compromising on security.

Thank you for considering DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. We are excited about the opportunity to serve you and contribute to your digital success.

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