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A domain name helps establish your business authority, enhances your marketing and visibility, builds trust and expertise online and offline, and protects your brand. Having a memorable domain ensures that your customers take care of you as an established, legitimate business so that you can easily gain confidence in the business, increase your search engine rankings and gain web traffic.

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Top Level Domains Price List

Domain Name Prices- Generally Yearly Fee, Mandatory expenses are by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) and Verisign, Neustar, Afilias, Donuts

Extensions (TLD) Register Transfer Renew
.com popular ₹ 811 ₹ 811 ₹ 1630
.info sale ₹ 352 ₹ 410 ₹ 1878 ₹ 2076
.org ₹ 811 ₹ 1005 ₹ 1005
.co.uk ₹ 658 ₹ 813 N/A
.club ₹ 1369 ₹ 1369 ₹ 1626
.store ₹ 4269 ₹ 4269 ₹ 5082
.blog ₹ 2140 ₹ 2140 ₹ 2589
.online ₹ 2734 ₹ 2734 ₹ 3252
.eu ₹ 578 ₹ 578 ₹ 717
.site ₹ 2311 ₹ 2311 ₹ 2311
.company new ₹ 830 ₹ 830 ₹ 995

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Frequently Asked Queries

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Domain Registration, Web Hosting & Servers. Still have questions? Contact us.

Domain Registration is a just Website Name Registration for Your/ Company/ Brand / Products / Services. Register one or more domain names is helps establish your business and brand awareness with the public, increase your search engine rankings and gain web traffic. In .com, .org and .net, which are “open” to any kind of registrant, the policy is first-come, first-served, as long as you have registered and used the domain name in good faith or have legitimate interests in the domain name.

Domain names may contain only of letters A to Z or (a-z ) and numbers 0-9 and Hyphen (-) between words but Special Characters and blank spaces Not Allowed Special Characters : () ' " / ; No Case sensitive and it cannot be more than 63 characters

Once you have submitted domain registration order and paid successfully, Domain will be registered immediately within minute. Few common reason for rejection or take manual registration is if you have entered more than 64 characters in address Filed or entered more than 12 digits in phone number.

Once your domain registered and paid, there's no way to cancel the domain name registration. It's valid For one Year or registered period

Any Time, You can modify your domain registration address details or whois details Once you have logged into cleint Area, and then goto MY Domains, Manage, Contact Information. Transfer Allowed After 60 days from Registration Date.

According to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), including applicable policies of the Registrar, the Registry, and ICANN. If someone wants to register a domain name and is responsible for providing accurate WHOIS data to your registrar (including name, email address & contact address, and telephone number), WHOIS data will be publicly accessible. So if you want to hide personal information from the public and by replacing real contact information, you need to purchase a privacy / proxy services (Privacy or ID Protection ) form Same Domain Registrar with a nominal fee.

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