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Hosting Affiliate Program

Earn thousands of rupees per month for our partners and join the top affiliate program. Refer your visitors and customers and get up to 40% commission on every signup hosting plan, reseller hosting & VPS hosting!

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High commissions can be withdrawn at any time after the Payouts Thresholds

You earn more for every signup based on the amount of sales you deliver, refer your website visitors & social media followers.

Free affiliate program registrations

  • 1-50 Sales /annually 15% commission
  • 50-100 Sales /annually 20% commission
  • 100-250 Sales /annually 25% commission
  • 250-500 Sales /annually 30% commission
  • 500-1000 Sales /annually 35% commission
  • 1000+ Sales /annually 40% commission

Best Features For Affiliate Success

Attractive visuals

Complimentary hosting
Reliable in-house tracking
Campaign tools
Great affiliate support
Custom landing page