What is Domain (Transfer) Secret or Authorization (Auth.) Code and how you can obtain it from your Current Registrar? Print

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The domain transfer secret key or authorization code (also known as an Auth-Code, transfer code, EPP code — Extensible Provisioning Protocol) is the code assigned by the registrar to identify the domain name holder at the time the domain name  registered.

This authorization code acts as a password for the domain name, providing additional security for the domain, and is designed to prevent fraudulent or unauthorized transfers. This ensures that only the domain owner can transfer his domain name to another Registrar and allows you to prove that you are a valid, legitimate domain user when changing providers. It is a unique 6 to 32 character code assigned to a domain.

Ideally, The code should be available in the domain name management interface provided by your registrar. If you can not find the secret or authentication of your domain (transfer). Code, to get it, you need to contact the support team of your current registrar.


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