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Understanding Domain Transfer Restrictions and Exceptions


Domain transfer restrictions vary depending on domain types and circumstances. Here, we outline the common reasons why a domain name may not be transferable and the exceptions for specific domain extensions.

There are several circumstances under which a domain name may not be transferable to another registrar. Understanding these restrictions can help you avoid any potential issues when attempting a transfer. The following are the most common scenarios:

  1. Domain name is less than 60 days old: ICANN guidelines prohibit the transfer of domain names registered less than 60 days ago. If your domain is within this period, you will need to wait before initiating a transfer.

  2. Domain name has been transferred less than 60 days ago: A domain name cannot be transferred to another registrar within 60 days of a previous transfer. Exceptions to this rule include transferring back to the original registrar if both registrars agree or if a dispute resolution process directs it.

  3. You have locked your domain name: If your domain name is locked through your current registrar's control panel, you must first unlock it before proceeding with a transfer.

  4. Your registrar has applied a lock or hold on your domain name: If the current registrar has placed a lock or hold on the domain due to a pending issue, you will need to contact their support team to resolve the problem before applying for a transfer.

  5. The domain name is in Redemption Grace Period or Pending Delete status: Domain names in these statuses are not transferable.

Note: For .EU domain names, only the fifth condition applies, as the .EU registry does not support any lock/suspension features, and there is no 60-day registration/transfer lock.

For .UK domain names, transfers are possible during the 97-day renewal period following expiration, but you must ensure there is enough time for the new registrar to renew the domain upon completion of the transfer. The .UK registry does not support lock/suspension features, have a Redemption Grace Period, or impose a 60-day registration/transfer lock.

Third-level .ME domain names cannot be transferred, as only Registrar Me-Net can manage them. However, there are no restrictions for transferring second-level .ME domain names.

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