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Transferring a Domain Name to Another Registrar

There may be cases where you wish to transfer your domain name away from DOMAIN INDIA, to another Registrar. The following process will assist you in ensuring a smooth Transfer of your domain name to the Registrar of your choice:

Before proceeding with the Transfer, you are advised to first check if your domain name can be transferred.

All Domains have a Domain (Transfer) Secret Key/Authorization Code associated with them. This would be required if you want to have such a domain name transferred.

DOMAIN INDIA provides you with the unique facility of modifying your Domain (Transfer) Secret for each domain name.

1. Login to your Member Control Panel:

2. Once logged in to your Control Panel,

go to 'My Domains' and Click the 'Manage' button

3. Scroll down to the 'Get EPP Code' option.

Once you have determined whether a domain name can be transferred, you will need to apply for the Transfer at the Registrar of your choice. Please refer to the New/Gaining Registrar's Transfer Process for the same.

Once you have confirmed the Transfer with the New/Gaining Registrar, we would receive an intimation about this transfer. We would then be sending an email to the Registrant and Administrative Contacts of the domain name, informing them that a request for Transfer of this domain name has been placed with the New Registrar.

The domain name will get transferred to the New Registrar, in 5 days from you having approved the Transfer to the New Registrar, provided the Registrant or Administrative Contact does not cancel the Transfer.

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