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There could be various reasons for your emails appearing to vanish suddenly. Here are some possible causes and solutions:

  1. Manually Deleted Emails: It's possible that someone logged in and deleted or moved the emails. Check your other folders, especially the Spam and Trash folders.

  2. Use of POP Access: If you've set up a POP3 connection through Outlook or another mail client, the emails might have been moved to the computer that established the connection. Inspect the Outlook or other mail client on that computer.

To avoid this issue, configure your POP3 account to leave copies of messages on the server. In Outlook, navigate to Tools > Accounts > Edit the email account > More Settings > Advanced, and select the checkbox for "Leave a copy of messages on the server."

  1. Accessing the Incorrect Account: Ensure you're using your complete email address as the username when logging in. If you only enter your cPanel username, you'll end up in the wrong location.

Remember, the username should include the entire email address, such as If you're not including the "" part, you won't see the correct inbox.

  1. Third-Party Scripts: Some scripts may use POP3 by default to retrieve emails from the server. We recommend using IMAP for email retrieval instead. Consult your developer regarding the setup and/or configuration of the relevant script(s) to ensure proper email retrieval.

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