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Spam Assassin is an effective anti-spam tool that helps you manage and filter unwanted emails. We highly recommend activating it as soon as you create an account or log in for the first time. Follow these simple steps to enable or disable Spam Assassin:

  1. Log in to your cPanel and locate the Mail section.
  2. Click on 'Spam Assassin™'.
  3. To enable, click 'Enable SpamAssassin'. To disable, click 'Disable SpamAssassin'.

You have now successfully enabled or disabled Spam Assassin.

Required Score Settings:

  • A score of 0 means all emails will be marked as spam.
  • A score of 5 is the default setting.
  • A score of 10 means no emails will be marked as spam.

Set up Spam Assassin once, and it will work for all email accounts associated with your domain. Spam Assassin marks spam emails, making it easy to identify them. You can even configure Spam Assassin to automatically delete such emails.

Note: You can use the Spam Box feature or Email Filtering to move spam emails from your inbox to a separate folder.

Consult your email client, such as Outlook or other mail clients, for additional filtering tools.

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