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Registering and Managing Child Name Servers

Child Name Servers are specialized name servers that are registered under your domain name with the domain registry. To use them for domain name registration, you must first register these name servers with the registry. Only the domain owner can register Child Name Servers under their domain name. For example, the owner of can register a Child Name Server like

To register and manage Child Name Servers, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Domain India Client Area by visiting
  2. Click on "My Domains" in the menu.
  3. On the "My Domains" page, locate the domain for which you want to manage Child Name Servers and select the "Private Name Server" option in Manage Domain.
  4. Click on "Register a NameServer Name" to register a new Child Name Server.

Adding a Child Name Server

Enter the desired Host Name and the corresponding IP Address (IPv4 or IPv6) for the Child Name Server, then click "Submit." For example:

  • For, you may use the Host Name "ns1" and an IPv4 IP Address like "111.222.333.444."
  • could have the Host Name "dns1" and an IPv6 IP Address like "2001:0db8:0:0:0:0:1428:57ab."

Important Notes

  • A domain name can generally have any number of Child Name Servers associated with it.
  • An IPv6 Address can be entered in various formats (e.g., 2001:0db8:0:0:0:0:1428:57ab).
  • IPv6 Addresses are not supported for .WS and .NAME domain name extensions.

After registering a Child Name Server, you need to add an Address (A) Record for IPv4, an AAAA Record for IPv6, or a Canonical (CNAME) Record for the Child Name Server within the domain name zone at your DNS Server to bind the NS to the IP Address. Examples of these records include:

  • A Record: 38400 IN A 111.222.333.444
  • AAAA Record: 38400 IN AAAA 2001:0db8:0:0:0:0:1428:57ab
  • CNAME Record: 38400 IN CNAME

Each Child Name Server can have up to 13 unique IP Addresses associated with it. In the case of CentralNic and .EU domain names, each Child Name Server can have only one unique IP Address. The .UK domain names have specific limitations on the number of Child Name Servers and IP Addresses, as detailed in the original text.

Modifying a Child Name Server

To modify the Hostname or IP Address, make the necessary changes in the respective textboxes and click on the corresponding "Modify" button. To delete a Child Name Server, click on the Red Cross button.

Important Note

You may encounter an error while deleting a Child Name Server if it is being used by another domain name of the same extension as a Name Server. For example, if the Child Name Server is being used by as its Name Server, you will not be able to delete until modifies its Name Server.

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