How can I Enable/Disable Privacy Protection for my domain name?

Privacy Protection is a Addon service available with your domain name. You may either enable this service at the time of registering/transferring your domain name or enable(/disable) this service anytime during the length of the domain name's registration, as per your request.

Why You Need Domain Privacy Protection ?

According to the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), including applicable policies of the Registrar, the Registry, and ICANN. If someone wants to register a domain name and is responsible for providing accurate WHOIS data to your registrar (including name, email address & contact address, and telephone number), WHOIS data will be publicly accessible.
So if you want to hide personal information from the public and by replacing real contact information, you need to purchase a privacy / proxy services (Privacy or ID Protection ) form Same Domain Registrar with a nominal fee.

  • Privacy Protection is not available for the following domain name extensions:

    • On account of restrictions imposed by the Registry Operator:
      • .US
      • .IN (including .CO.IN, .NET.IN, .ORG.IN, .GEN.IN, .FIRM.IN, .IND.IN)
      • .EU
      • .UK
      • .ASIA
    • If you wish to have your domain name transferred away from Domain india for some reason, you need to first disable the Privacy Protection and then place a Transfer request at the Registrar of your choice.
    • Privacy Protection can be enabled/disabled only for those domain names which are not in locked/suspended status.
    • Depending upon whether the Privacy Protection feature is available for a domain name or not, the Order Details view of your domain name may or may not display the Privacy Protection status, under Order Information.

      Privacy Protection status Enabled - indicates that the Privacy Protection feature has been turned on for your domain name and your personal Contact Details are not being displayed in the Whois of your domain name.

      Privacy Protection status Disabled - indicates that the Privacy Protection feature has been turned off for your domain name and your personal Contact Details are being displayed in the Whois of your domain name.



  • In the event that you receive any Abuse complaint (Spam, Whois Inaccuracy, etc.) regarding a Privacy Protected domain name, then you are advised to disable Privacy Protection, with an appropriate reason.

    This reason will be visible to your immediate Customer or Sub-Reseller within the Privacy Protection interface under their respective Control panels.
  • By disabling Privacy Protection, you will not allow your Sub-Resellers/Customers to enable/disable Privacy Protection on a domain name.


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