Troubleshooting the Absence of LVE in CloudLinux OS 9 Kernel Name Print

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This section explains why CloudLinux OS 9 does not display `lve` in the kernel version and how to verify that LVE features are enabled. By understanding this expected behavior, administrators can avoid confusion and ensure their systems are configured correctly.

CloudLinux OS 9 is installed, but there are no LVE kernels among the packages, and no `lve` in the kernel version.

Environment - CloudLinux OS 9

This is expected behavior. For CloudLinux OS 9, it is not necessary to change and rebuild the original kernels to enable LVE features. Instead, the `kmodlve` module is loaded directly.

Verify that the `kmodlve` module is loaded to ensure LVE features are active.

1. Check the current kernel version:

uname -r

Example output for CloudLinux OS 9:


2. Verify the `kmodlve` module is loaded:

lsmod | grep lve

Example output:

kmodlve 17657856 2

This confirms that LVE features are active even though the kernel version does not explicitly include `lve` in its name.

For further information, refer to the official CloudLinux article: [Why CloudLinux OS 9 doesn't have kernel with LVE in its name?](

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