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Upgrading to Windows Server 2019 can offer numerous benefits for hosting ASP.NET applications. This article aims to outline the key reasons to make the switch from older server versions.

Comparison Factors

Security Improvements
  1. Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP): Offers post-breach detection, automated investigation, and response capabilities.

  2. Shielded Virtual Machines for Windows: Protects against compromised fabric, improving the security of virtual machines.

Performance Enhancements
  1. Windows Admin Center: A more robust management dashboard allows for seamless management and monitoring of server resources.

  2. Storage Migration Service: Simplifies the process of migrating servers and reduces downtime.

Container Support
  1. Kubernetes Support: Windows Server 2019 comes with built-in Kubernetes support.

  2. Windows Containers: Improved support for Windows containers, including the ability to run Linux containers.

Hybrid Capabilities
  1. Azure Integration: Enhanced integration with Azure for backups, file synchronization, and disaster recovery.

  2. Storage Replica: Offers disaster recovery protection for important workloads.

Application Compatibility
  1. Compatibility: Greater compatibility with the latest ASP.NET Core versions.

  2. HTTP/2 for Faster Performance: Integrated HTTP/2 support for faster loading web applications.

Why Upgrade?

  • Future Proofing: As Microsoft phases out older versions, security patches and updates will be focused on more current versions.

  • Performance: Better performance translates to better user experience and potentially higher rankings on search engines.

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership: The improvements in management and storage can significantly reduce operating costs over time.


Switching to Windows Server 2019 offers improved performance, security, and new features that can benefit ASP.NET applications. Though migration may seem daunting, the benefits far outweigh the challenges.

Additional Resources

For more details on Windows Server 2019 features and configuration, you can refer to our knowledge base at or submit a ticket for further assistance at

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