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Monitoring ASP.NET Applications: Tools Available in Plesk Panel


Monitoring the health and performance of ASP.NET applications can be a challenging yet essential task. Plesk Panel on Windows Server 2019 offers various built-in tools designed to make this easier. This guide covers how to use these tools to monitor your ASP.NET applications effectively.


  • Windows Server 2019 with Plesk Panel installed
  • ASP.NET application deployed
  • Basic understanding of ASP.NET and server monitoring

Key Monitoring Tools in Plesk

1. Resource Usage Statistics
  • CPU Usage: Monitors the amount of CPU your applications are consuming.
  • RAM Usage: Keeps track of memory usage.
  • Disk Space: Alerts you when you're nearing your disk quota.
2. Logs
  • Access Logs: Provides data on who is accessing your application.
  • Error Logs: Lists application errors, which can help in debugging.
3. Health Monitoring
  • This tool offers real-time information about server health, including CPU load, memory consumption, and more.

Steps for Monitoring

  1. Access Plesk Panel: Log in to your Plesk Panel dashboard.

  2. Navigate to Monitoring Tools: Usually located under the 'Server Management' or 'Websites & Domains' tabs.

  3. Select your ASP.NET Application: Choose the application you wish to monitor.

  4. Review Resource Usage: Check the resource statistics to understand the consumption patterns.

  5. Examine Logs: Regularly check both access and error logs to preemptively address issues.

  6. Set Up Alerts: Utilize the notification system in Plesk to get alerted about crucial metrics or issues.

  7. Health Checks: Periodically use the Health Monitoring tool to get an overview of server health.

Additional Tips

  • Automate monitoring tasks using Plesk’s built-in scheduler.
  • Customize alert thresholds to better suit your application’s needs.


Monitoring ASP.NET applications is vital for maintaining performance and uptime. Plesk Panel on Windows Server 2019 provides an extensive set of tools designed to simplify this process.

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