A Quick Guide to Backing Up Your ASP.NET Website Using Plesk on Windows Server 2019 Print

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Ensuring the integrity and safety of your data is paramount. This guide will walk you through the process of creating a backup of your ASP.NET website using Plesk Panel on a Windows Server 2019 environment.


  • A running Windows Server 2019 instance with Plesk installed
  • An ASP.NET website hosted on the server
  • Administrative or root access to Plesk Panel

Backup Options in Plesk

Plesk offers multiple backup options tailored to different needs:

  • Full Backup: Backs up the entire website, including databases and email accounts.
  • Incremental Backup: Backs up only the changes made since the last backup.
  • Manual Backup: Triggered manually by the user.
  • Scheduled Backup: Automated backups based on a schedule.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to Plesk Panel

Access the Plesk Panel using your admin credentials.

Step 2: Navigate to Backup Manager

Find the 'Backup Manager' option, typically located under the 'Websites & Domains' tab.

Step 3: Choose Backup Type

Select the type of backup you wish to perform (Full or Incremental).

Step 4: Configure Backup Settings
  • Backup Name: Assign a name to your backup for easy identification.
  • Backup Storage: Select where you want to store the backup (server or external storage).
  • Additional options: Encrypt the backup, exclude specific content, etc.
Step 5: Start the Backup

Click on the 'Start Backup' or 'Backup Now' button to initiate the process.

Step 6: Monitor Backup Progress

Track the progress on the Backup Manager dashboard. You will be notified upon successful completion.

Step 7: Verify Backup

Once completed, verify the integrity of the backup file by downloading a small part or by performing a test restore.

Additional Notes

  • Regularly test backup restores to ensure they're functioning correctly.
  • Always keep multiple copies of backups in different locations.
  • Consider automating backups through scheduled tasks in Plesk.


Backing up your ASP.NET website is a crucial maintenance task. Plesk Panel makes this process straightforward with its built-in Backup Manager. Regular backups can save you from numerous potential catastrophes.

Further Support

For more intricate details or issues, you can refer to our knowledge base at www.domainindia.com/knowledgebase or submit a ticket at www.domainindia.com/support.

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