Step-by-Step Guide: Setting Up ASP.NET on Windows Server 2019 with Plesk Print

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This guide provides a comprehensive tutorial for setting up an ASP.NET environment on a Windows Server 2019 using the Plesk control panel. This is particularly useful for developers and administrators managing ASP.NET applications in a shared hosting environment.


  • A Windows Server 2019 machine with Plesk Panel installed
  • Administrator access to the server and Plesk
  • Basic understanding of ASP.NET and IIS


Step 1: Log in to Plesk Panel

Navigate to your Plesk login URL and enter your administrator credentials to log in.

Step 2: Access the 'Domains' Section

On the left sidebar, click on ‘Domains’ to view a list of domains hosted on your server.

Step 3: Add a New Domain

Click on the ‘Add Domain’ button and fill in the required fields such as domain name, IP address, and other settings. Make sure to enable the ‘Hosting’ setting.

Step 4: Enable ASP.NET Support

  1. Navigate to the ‘Hosting Settings’ of your domain.
  2. Locate the ‘Web Scripting and Statistics’ section.
  3. Check the box for ‘Microsoft ASP.NET’ and select the version you want to use from the dropdown menu.

Step 5: Install the ASP.NET Runtime

If you haven’t already installed the required ASP.NET runtime, you can do so by accessing the server directly and running the appropriate installer.

Step 6: Configure IIS Application Pool

  1. Go to ‘IIS Application Pool’ under your domain's settings in Plesk.
  2. Create a new application pool or modify an existing one to use the version of .NET you’ve selected.

Step 7: Upload ASP.NET Files

Use FTP or the Plesk File Manager to upload your ASP.NET application files to the ‘httpdocs’ or designated folder within your domain.

Step 8: Set Permissions (If Needed)

Set folder and file permissions as needed through the Plesk control panel.

Step 9: Test the Application

Open a web browser and navigate to your domain to verify that the ASP.NET application is working as expected.

Step 10: Configure Additional Settings (Optional)

If your application requires a database, email settings, or other configurations, complete these through the respective Plesk modules.


Congratulations, you’ve successfully set up an ASP.NET environment on a Windows Server 2019 using Plesk. For any issues or advanced configurations, consult the Plesk documentation or submit a support ticket at

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