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How to Fortify Your Account Security with Two-Factor Authentication on Domain India's cPanel SSD Shared Hosting


As the digital landscape evolves, securing your accounts is more paramount than ever. Leveraging two-factor authentication (2FA) on your cPanel and Webmail accounts in Domain India's cPanel SSD Shared Hosting ecosystem serves as a robust shield against unauthorized access. This setup requires two layers of verification: your customary password and a unique security code, generated on-demand by a smartphone application. This guide walks you through the streamlined process of setting up and using this fortified security protocol.


Before diving into the setup, ensure to have a time-based one-time password (TOTP) application installed on your smartphone. We stand by the following apps for seamless integration:

  • Google Authenticator – Catered to Android™, iOS®, and Blackberry® users.
  • Duo Mobile – Designed for Android and iOS platforms.
  • Authenticator – Available for Windows® Phone users.

Setting Up 2FA on cPanel

Step 1: Initiate Setup
  • Navigate to your cPanel account and select ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication’.
Step 2: Establish a Connection Between Your cPanel Account and 2FA App
  • Automatic: Scan the QR code displayed on your screen using your 2FA app.
  • Manual: Insert the given account and key details into your 2FA app.
Step 3: Fetch and Input the Security Code
  • Open your 2FA app to view the constantly refreshing six-digit security code.
  • Enter this code promptly in the ‘Security Code’ field on the cPanel setup page.
Step 4: Conclude the Setup
  • Click ‘Configure Two-Factor Authentication’ to activate 2FA.

Setting Up 2FA on Webmail

Much like the cPanel setup, enabling 2FA on Webmail is straightforward. Once logged into your Webmail, the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ feature can be accessed from Webmail Home.

Follow the above guidelines illustrated for the cPanel setup, making minor adjustments to align with the webmail interface.

Managing Your 2FA Settings

Should the need arise to tweak your 2FA settings, you can either remove or reconfigure it effortlessly:

Removing 2FA
  • Access the 2FA feature in settings.
  • Click on ‘Remove Two-Factor Authentication’.
Reconfiguring 2FA
  • Navigate to the 2FA settings.
  • Choose ‘Reconfigure’ and adhere to the initial setup process to reinstate 2FA.
  • Note: This action will overwrite the existing 2FA setup, invalidating prior configurations.


With 2FA activated on your cPanel and Webmail accounts within Domain India’s cPanel SSD Shared Hosting milieu, you bolster the security manifold, erecting a formidable defense against unauthorized infiltrations. Take a decisive step towards uncompromised security by setting up 2FA today.

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