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Title: How to Change Your Hosted Domain Name with Domain India

Introduction: At Domain India, we understand that our customers may need to change their hosted domain names. We're proud to announce that you can now change your hosted domain name without any additional fees, while still benefiting from our competitive prices and top-quality performance. Our automated systems make this process seamless, ensuring that our services remain accessible to all customers.


**Efficient Domain Name Changes**

In the past, modifying billing records and updating server records for domain name changes was a time-consuming process, often resulting in higher service costs. However, DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED recognizes the unique needs and requirements of our customers, and we've taken steps to address them.

**No Administrative Fees**

We've made it simple for our customers to change their hosted domain name without any administrative fees. This policy allows you to update your domain name while still enjoying our competitively priced services and top-notch hosting solutions.

**Steps to Change Your Hosted Domain Name**

To change your hosted domain name, follow these easy steps:

submit a support ticket (

Your domain name change will be processed within 4 to 24 hours.

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the domain name change process, feel free to Checkout our Knowledgebase (

Conclusion: Domain India is committed to customer satisfaction and providing top-quality hosting solutions at the best possible prices. By allowing hosted domain name changes without any additional costs, we continue to make our services affordable and accessible to all customers. Trust Domain India for all your web hosting and domain registration needs.

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