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Title: Managing Subdomains in DirectAdmin

Introduction: Subdomains are an effective way to organize and separate different sections of your website. They are essentially a third-level domain that can be created under your primary domain name. This article will guide you through the process of creating, modifying, and deleting subdomains in DirectAdmin.

1. Log in to your DirectAdmin account.
2. Navigate to the "Domain Management" section.
3. Click on "Subdomain Management."
4. To create a new subdomain, enter the desired name for the subdomain in the "Create a Subdomain" section and click the "Create" button.
5. The newly created subdomain will now appear in the "Subdomain List" section. Here, you can view, modify, or delete your existing subdomains.
6. To modify a subdomain's settings, click on the "Modify" button next to the subdomain's name. You can edit the subdomain's document root (where its files are stored) or enable/disable features such as PHP, CGI, or SSL.
7. To delete a subdomain, click the "Delete" button next to the subdomain's name and confirm your decision.

Note that deleting a subdomain will also remove its associated files and folders, so make sure to back up any important data before deleting a subdomain. Once you have successfully created or modified a subdomain, you can use it to host separate websites or applications under your primary domain name.

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