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Troubleshooting FileZilla Errors After an Upgrade: A Comprehensive Guide


This guide aims to address issues users may encounter after upgrading FileZilla, a popular FTP client. It will cover common error messages and offer actionable solutions to resolve them effectively.

Common Error Messages

  1. Error: Connection timed out
  2. Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing
  3. Response: 530 Login authentication failed

Solutions and Best Practices

Error: Connection Timed Out & Error: Failed to Retrieve Directory Listing

Issue Overview

Recent versions of FileZilla enforce TLS encryption on plain FTP connections, affecting both newly created and previously configured sites.


  1. Switch to Plain FTP

    • Open FileZilla and navigate to File > Site Manager.
    • Select the problematic site from the 'Select Entry' dropdown.
    • In the 'General' tab, find the 'Encryption' list box and select "Only use plain FTP (insecure)."
    • Click 'OK' and try reconnecting.
  2. Firewall-Related Issues

    • Navigate to Edit > Settings.
    • Select 'Passive Mode' under the 'Connection' category in the left-hand pane.
    • In the 'Passive Mode Settings' on the right, check "Use the server's external IP address."
    • Click 'OK' and try reconnecting.

Response: 530 Login Authentication Failed

Issue Overview

This error often arises due to incorrect login credentials.


  1. Verify Login Credentials

    • Open File > Site Manager.

    • Click the 'New Site' button and enter the FTP account setup details:

      • Site Name: Any name for reference, like "My Website."
      • Host: Your domain (e.g.,
      • Port: 21.
      • Protocol: FTP.
      • Encryption: "Only use plain FTP (insecure)."
      • Logon Type: Normal.
      • User: Your username. Retrieve from cPanel if unsure.
      • Password: Your cPanel or FTP account password.
    • Click 'OK'.

By following these detailed steps, users should be able to troubleshoot and resolve the common issues they face after upgrading FileZilla.

For more intricate problems that this guide may not cover, feel free to consult our detailed knowledge base at or submit a ticket for further assistance.

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