Am I allowed to host more than one domain? Yes . Each regular hosting package from sliver plan  is able to host 1 Addon domain name. with... Are there any hidden costs, or setup fees? No, there are no hidden costs or fees associated with having a hosting account at Can I copyright my domain name?   Can I copyright my domain name? Copyright law does not protect domain names. The Internet... Can I have my own nameservers? Only resellers can. You can use the IPs of the nameservers we provide you to create your own in... Can I host friends? Yes, you may host your friends. If you want your friends to have their own control panels for... Can I password protect directories? Yes, you can password protect directories within cPanel. Can I transfer an existing domain to DOMAININDIA? Transferring a Domain Name from Another Registrar to DOMAIN INDIA If you want to transfer a... Can I upgrade my web hosting package at any time; How much does another package cost? Yes, you can upgrade at any time . It is free to upgrade and the only charge would be the price... Do you allow sites to advertise for money, on their web site? Yes, we allow sites to have commercial advertisements. Do you offer FTP access? Yes! Clients who purchase any of the web hosting plans can upload their files easily and quickly... How do I check to see if the domain name which I want to register is available? Please navigate to the Domain Names section. Then search for domain name availability using... How do I make a payment? Online Payment Options (Automatic and Instant Account Activation, No Bank Charges)... How do domain names work? Understanding Domain Name Registration A domain name or domain is, like... How long does it take for my account to be setup after signing up? If you pay online, don't wait any more! Publish your website now with an instant account... How much does it cost to build a website for a small business ? Initial website costs during the process of creating a new website Well, there are three... How to Redirect Website from HTTP to HTTPS?   You may need to create a .htaccess file, and you can use your control panel's File Manager... I dont have a credit card, what other payment methods can I use? We have various other offline payment options that you can use to send us money. I. ICICI Bank -... SCOPE OF SUPPORT While we do everything in our power to solve any problem as they arise - there are certain issues... WHY & How Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked ! For the “average” WordPress user, there are two main security vulnerabilities that I’d classify... What is (FTP) File Transfer Protocol? Introduction Are you wondering what FTP is and how you can use it to upload/files from your site... What is Bandwidth mean? In normal electronic terms, bandwidth refers to a range within a band of frequencies, or data sum... What is CPanel? CPanel is an extremely powerful, web based control panel. Cpanel provides a point and click... What is a support ticket System? What does a support ticket mean? Generally, you can contact some companies by email.  You send a... What is web hosting? Web hosting is a place to store your website to let people (your clients) see it. Your domain... What is your network uptime ? Our Domain takes every necessary mesures to ensure UpTime of 100% and give a guarantee of 99.9%.... Why Web Hosting Is So Very Important ? After you have selected and registered your domain name, you're ready to choose a web host.A web... Will you place ads on my site? Domain India will NOT place any type of ads on your site. That is one of the many advantages of...
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