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At DOMAIN INDIA, we offer various web hosting plans tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you want to host a single website or multiple websites, our hosting plans cater to your needs.

Below are the details of our web hosting plans and the number of websites you can host with each:

  1. Economy Plan: Host 1 Website The Economy plan is perfect for individuals or businesses looking to host a single website. It offers a cost-effective solution for those who want a reliable hosting service with essential features.

  2. Premium Plan: Host up to 5 Websites The Premium plan is designed for users who need to host multiple websites, up to a maximum of five. This plan offers more resources and features, making it suitable for small businesses or professionals managing multiple web projects.

  3. Ultimate Plan: Host Unlimited Websites The Ultimate plan offers the flexibility to host an unlimited number of websites. This plan is ideal for users who manage multiple websites or businesses that require a scalable hosting solution to accommodate their expanding web presence.

To choose the right hosting plan for your needs, consider the number of websites you need to host and the resources required for each. DOMAIN INDIA's web hosting plans provide a range of options to suit various hosting requirements.

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