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Title: Installing and Reinstalling an Operating System on Your VPS

Installing or reinstalling an operating system (OS) on your VPS can be a straightforward process, thanks to the intuitive Virtualizor control panel. This guide will walk you through the steps to install or reinstall an OS on your VPS.

- An active VPS account
- Access to the Virtualizor control panel

Step 1: Log in to the Virtualizor Control Panel
1. Navigate to the Virtualizor control panel URL provided in your welcome email.
2. Enter your login credentials and sign in.

Step 2: Access the VPS Management Dashboard
1. From the Virtualizor control panel, click on the "List VPS" tab or the "List VPS" option in the left sidebar.
2. Find your VPS in the list and click on the VPS ID or hostname to access the VPS management dashboard.

Step 3: Shut Down Your VPS (if running)
Before installing or reinstalling the OS, ensure that your VPS is powered off.
1. Check the VPS status in the management dashboard.
2. If the VPS is running, click the "Stop" button to power it off.

Step 4: Choose an Operating System
1. In the VPS management dashboard, click on the "OS Reinstall" button or the "OS Reinstall" tab.
2. A list of available OS templates will be displayed. Choose the desired OS from the list.

Note: Consider your requirements and the compatibility of the OS with your applications before making a selection.

Step 5: Configure OS Settings (optional)
Some OS templates may offer additional settings, such as hostname, root password, or networking configuration. Review and adjust these settings if necessary.

Step 6: Initiate the OS Installation/Reinstallation
1. Click the "Reinstall" button at the bottom of the OS selection page to start the installation process.
2. A confirmation dialog will appear, warning that all data on the VPS will be lost. Click "Yes" to proceed.

Step 7: Monitor the Installation Progress
The installation process may take a few minutes. You can monitor the progress from the VPS management dashboard.

Step 8: Power On Your VPS
Once the installation is complete, power on your VPS by clicking the "Start" button in the management dashboard.

You have successfully installed or reinstalled an operating system on your VPS using the Virtualizor control panel. You can now configure your VPS and install any necessary applications as per your requirements.

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