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Domain valuation tools are online services designed to help you estimate the value of a domain name. These tools typically consider a variety of factors, such as domain age, search engine rankings, traffic data, and keyword relevance, to assess a domain's potential worth. Here are some popular domain valuation tools:

1. EstiBot ( EstiBot is a widely used domain valuation tool, offering both free and paid options. It provides insights into domain age, search engine rankings, traffic data, and more.

2. GoDaddy Domain Appraisal ( GoDaddy's domain appraisal tool is a popular choice for obtaining a quick estimate of a domain's value. It employs machine learning algorithms and historical sales data to determine a domain's potential worth.

3. DomainIndex ( DomainIndex is an extensive domain valuation service that offers detailed information about a domain's value, taking into account search engine rankings, traffic data, and other relevant factors.

4. Sedo Domain Appraisal ( Sedo, a well-known domain marketplace, also provides a domain appraisal service. Their tool offers a range of values based on various factors, including comparable domain sales, search engine rankings, and keyword analysis.

5. NameBio ( NameBio is a domain sales history database that can assist in researching a domain name's value by examining historical sales data for similar domains.

6. DomainWorth ( DomainWorth is another domain valuation tool that estimates a domain's worth based on factors such as domain age, keyword relevance, and search engine rankings.

Please note that these domain valuation tools should be utilized as a reference point and not as the definitive value of a domain. The actual value of a domain can vary considerably depending on market demand and the unique circumstances of potential buyers and sellers.

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