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A Comprehensive Guide to Configuring and Managing Blesta for's cPanel/WHM Reseller Hosting

Introduction: Blesta is a versatile billing and support platform that simplifies the management of your web hosting business. With's cPanel/WHM reseller hosting, integrating Blesta can streamline billing, provisioning, and customer support tasks. This guide will help you configure and manage Blesta for your reseller hosting account.

  1. Obtain a Blesta License: Purchase a Blesta license either directly from the Blesta website or through if they offer it as an add-on service. Once you have the license, download the latest version of Blesta from their website.

  2. Install Blesta: Upload the Blesta files to your reseller hosting account using an FTP client or the File Manager in cPanel. Create a new database and user in cPanel, and assign the user full privileges to the database. Follow Blesta's installation guide to complete the installation process, making sure to enter the correct database credentials and your Blesta license key during the setup.

  3. Configure Blesta Settings: Log in to your Blesta admin panel, and configure the general settings, such as your company information, currency, and payment gateways. Also, set up your support channels, like email and ticketing, to streamline your customer support process.

  4. Integrate cPanel/WHM: To manage your cPanel/WHM reseller hosting through Blesta, add the cPanel/WHM module to Blesta. Go to Settings > Modules > Available, and click "Install" next to the cPanel module. Once installed, click "Manage" and enter your WHM login credentials to establish the connection.

  5. Create Hosting Packages: In Blesta, go to Packages > Create Package, and create hosting plans corresponding to the packages you have set up in WHM. Configure the package details, such as disk space, bandwidth, and other resources. Make sure to select the cPanel module for provisioning and specify the appropriate package name in WHM.

  6. Set Up Domain Registration: If you want to offer domain registration services, add a domain registrar module like eNom or OpenSRS to Blesta. Configure the API credentials and settings for the chosen registrar, and set up domain pricing for different TLDs.

  7. Customize Invoices and Emails: Blesta allows you to customize your invoice templates and email notifications to match your brand's identity. Go to Settings > Company > Billing/Payment or Settings > Company > Email to customize the respective templates.

  8. Create Order Forms: Design order forms to allow clients to sign up for your hosting services. Go to Packages > Order Forms, and create an order form that includes your hosting packages, domain registration options, and any additional services you offer.

  9. Link Blesta to Your Website: Integrate the Blesta client area and order forms into your web hosting business website. You can either use the provided Blesta templates or create custom pages that match your website's design.

  10. Monitor and Manage Your Business: Use Blesta's admin dashboard to keep track of your clients, invoices, support tickets, and other essential aspects of your business. Regularly update Blesta and any integrated modules to ensure the smooth operation of your billing and support system.

Conclusion: Integrating Blesta with's cPanel/WHM reseller hosting simplifies the management of your web hosting business. By following this comprehensive guide, you can set up Blesta to handle billing, provisioning, and customer support tasks, allowing you to focus on growing your business and providing top-notch service to your clients.

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