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Introduction: Domain India provides server space with advanced security features, including Apache Symlink Protection, CloudLinux CageFS protections, cPHulk Brute Force Protection, a highly advanced firewall, Malware Detect software with virus scanning, and automatic server backups. However, website owners also play a crucial role in maintaining their site's security. In this article, we will discuss the importance of website owner maintenance in preventing WordPress hacking issues.

Website Owner's Responsibility in Maintaining Security: While Domain India offers robust server security, the website owner has full control over the tools, CMS, coding, plugins, and themes they upload. Issues can arise if the website owner uses pirated themes or plugins, outdated software, insecure passwords (e.g., "abc123"), or if there are security holes in their CMS. In such cases, server security cannot protect the site from threats, as these vulnerabilities originate within the website itself.

In our experience, we have hosted multiple hundred websites on a single server, but only a few websites were affected due to poor maintenance by the website owner.

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Conclusion: While Domain India provides advanced server security, it's essential for website owners to take responsibility for maintaining their site's security as well. By following the tips mentioned above, website owners can minimize the risk of hacking attempts and maintain a safe and secure website for their visitors.


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