How do I find out what kind of hosting is best for my website? (Shared, VPS, Dedicated, Cloud) Print

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What is the purpose of shared hosting?

Shared hosting is the cost-effective and most economical option for your needs, and cheaper than any other type of hosting. The hosting service provider hosts multiple websites on the same server, and each website is allowed limited resource usage.

Server maintenance requires strong and robust technical and administrative knowledge, as well as a lot of skills for network management, installation, server performance and secure website.

In general, hosting control panels, security tools, app installer, site builders and many other tools required for a host website, so sharing is the cheapest way.

In a shared hosting environment, the hosting provider has to manage things, so you can easily kickstart your new website without any technical expertise.

Who needs shared web hosting?

Ideally, startups, small or medium-sized business or personal website,
should choose the low maintenance shared hosting solution with software bundled and tools.

VPS is recommended if you require additional control over OS and custom software solutions,
especially customization and scaling

What is VPS hosting ?

Virtual Private Server (VPS) is dividing one physical dedicated server (Bare-metal server) into multiple virtual servers using virtualization software (hypervisor).

What are the challenges in maintaining a VPS?

Mainly, Day-to-day pieces of software and plug-in updates, security, & performance optimization are critical part of even in fully managed VPS for End User.

In addition to the server price, the licence fee for software packages plays an important role in ensuring the performance and security features of the VPS. Many free and open-source software (FOSS) OS and other tools are now available for free, even VPS maintenance is expensive!

What is dedicated server

A remote server (computer) used exclusively by an individual or organization for hosted websites.


What is cloud computing & Server

Cloud computing is the availability of computer system resources on demand without the direct active management of the user.

Cloud servers created using hypervisor to collaborate on the operation of two or more servers.


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