301 Redirect from non-www to ww -- Without Looping! o - you want to improve your search engine rankings, and SEO gurus told you that Google might be... Feedback Form Code / Instructions Feedback Form Code / InstructionsThe source code for the two files (feedback.php and feedout.php)... How Pirated Themes Harm your site? How Pirated Themes Harm your site? Nulled or pirated themes may contain malicious codes. Some... How to Redirect Website from HTTP to HTTPS?   You may need to create a .htaccess file, and you can use your control panel's File Manager... How to change permissions of a file How to install Laravel with Softaculous Laravel is the new web framework for web artisans and is now being available for installation on... How to move Wordpress from one URL to another URL Changing URLs on Wordpress is unlike other scripts in which you would have a configuration file... How to password protect the(wordpress) wp-admin directory in cPanel Password protecting your /wp-admin/ folder is an easy way to add additional protection against... Memory Allocation Error. Create a custom php.ini for PHP 5.2 Some programs produce errors in which it says the memory allocation is limited to 32MB and that... Optimizing WordPress Wordpress is currently one of the most popular blogging/CMS applications. Here are some ideas for... PHP sendmail Settings Using phpMailer to Send Mail through PHP Download the PHPMailer script First, download... PHP-based Form Mail (Feedback) Script Updated Perl-based Form Mail (Feedback) Script  Perl-based Form Mail (Feedback) ScriptUsing a Perl script you may accept feedback from your... Security Checklist/You have been hacked or defaced Basic Site Security Checklist Summary By design our servers are secure. The security level... Update contact email address for Softaculous Scripts The email address associated with Softaculous notices is not the same email address as within the... how to connect mysql database in php sample code   <?php//Step1$db =...
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