Why was my account suspended for running an outdated/insecure script? Print

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We can suspended accounts that are running software with known exploits or security vulnerabilities. We do this in order to protect our servers, your data, and our other customers. Hackers regularly target web sites that are running old outdated versions of popular software (such as wordpress, and joomla), that have known and published security vulnerabilities. Once a hacker locates a web site running vulnerable software, they can then abuse those security vulnerabilities to upload malicious files (viruses & trojans), send spam, and run bot-nets.

Malicious activity generated by a compromised web site on one account can very quickly lead to an entire server being blacklisted by one or more of the Real Time Block Lists (RBL), that many ISPs and mail services use to block spam. Being listed in a RBL list can cause every customer on a server to have their emails bounce when they try to send to anyone whose ISP is using the RBL list to block mail.

We therefore cannot allow any one customer account to harm or deny services to our other customers by allowing the operation of software with known vulnerabilities. We generally try to provide a warning to any customer affected before suspending their account in order to provide adequate time (24-48 hours) to address the issue and update their software. However, if a site is actively or repeatedly being abused, we will suspend the account without warning in order to protect our services and other customers.

It is *very* important that you keep all your software (and any plugins) up to date. We strongly recommend that you sign-up for any mailing lists, notification services or etc, that your software vendor may offer to notify you of security patches that are released.

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