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Securing a domain name is a crucial step in launching a new website or email client, and ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is responsible for managing this process. With recent changes in domain name registration and management, it is important to know how to avoid domain name suspension. In this updated article, we will outline the ICANN's registrant verification system, explain how it works, and offer tips on how to prevent domain suspension.

Why the Changes? ICANN has implemented a registrant verification system to ensure the authenticity and security of domain name registrations. This change aims to reduce the potential for domain name abuse, fraud, and other malicious activities. All domain name registrars are required to support this system starting this year.

The Verification Process When registering a new domain or updating the WHOIS contact information of an existing domain, clients must complete the verification process. This involves verifying the email address used to register generic top-level domains (gTLDs). Failing to verify your email address within 15 days will result in domain suspension, preventing your website from launching.

Steps to Complete Verification

  1. New domain registrations: After registering a domain, you will receive an email containing a verification link. Click the link within 15 days to verify your email address and avoid domain suspension.

  2. Existing domain registrations: Verify or re-verify your email address under the following circumstances:

  • If a reminder or renewal email sent to your registered email address bounces.
  • If you change the first/last name or email address associated with your domain registration.

Exceptions You may not always need to complete the verification process when registering a new domain or making changes to your domain information. If you already own a domain with a verified email address and register a new domain with the exact same contact information, the new domain is considered verified. Similarly, if you update your domain's contact information to match another verified domain, you won't need to verify the change.

Tips to Avoid Suspension

  1. Ensure the email address associated with your domain registrations is valid and able to receive emails.
  2. Periodically review your domain registration information and update it as needed.
  3. Contact DOMAIN REGISTRATION INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED at to double-check your domain information and ask any questions you may have.

By staying informed and proactive about the changes in domain name registration and management, you can avoid domain name suspension and keep your website running smoothly.

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