logged out from cPanel and get an error ‘The IP has changed’

if you get logged out from cPanel and get an error ‘The IP has changed’, then it is possible that you have a dynamic IP address.

Of course, you may contact your Internet Service Provider and get a static IP address. Otherwise, follow the steps below to install cPanel proxy to your account.
1. Navigate to ‘Subdomains’ menu in cPanel and create a subdomain ‘cpanel’
To access Webmail and WHM (if you are a Reseller), please create corresponding subdomains, too.

2. Download cPanel Proxy to your Personal Computer. 
3.Go to ’FileManager’, click on recently crated public_html/cpanel (public_html/webmail, public_html/whm) , click ‘Upload and select the file from your Personal Computer. 

Go back to the folder and click on the ‘Extract’ button. From now on, please usehttp://cpanel.yourdomain.com. http://webmail.yourdomain.com andhttp://whm.yourdomain.com to access the control panels areas.
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