Are fees for domains refundable? No, domain name registration fees are not refundable. Change your Domain’s WHOIS Information Change your Domain’s WHOIS InformationFollow the instructions listed below to change your... Do I have complete control over my domain name? For every domain you register through Domain India, you have complete control over a.... Guide to Domain Name Status Codes ACTIVE: The registry sets this status. The domain can be modified by the registrar. The domain... How can I Enable/Disable Privacy Protection for my domain name? Privacy Protection is a Addon service available with your domain name. You may either enable this... How do I change my Nameservers? Nameservers are the settings on your domain(s) that tells the visitor's computer the internet... How do I choose the appropriate domain name for my business? One of the most important elements of your business success is choosing the right name. Choose a... How to change your Domain DNS settings? DNS management is a free service but is disabled by default because if you have a web hosting... I want to cancel my domain name order. What do I do? I want to cancel my domain name order. What do I do? It is not possible to cancel a domain name... Overview of Domain Name Extensions Details of Domain Name Extensions Extension           Duration (Years) Domain Name Length... Registering and Managing Child Name Servers Child Name Servers are Name Servers which are registered with the Registry under your domain... Renewing your Domain Name Changing Name Servers of your Domain Name In order to host a website on your domain name, you... Suspend/Unsuspend a Domain Name Order Suspension is a useful feature available to Resellers of Domain india. In this status, the... Verification of WHOIS Details On January 1, 2014, Domainindia began verifying the WHOIS contact information for all new domain... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A SUB-DOMAIN, PARKED DOMAIN AND AN ADD-ON DOMAIN? Sub domain    * Lets say your domain is    * You... What is Privacy Protection?   When you register a domain name with Domain india, the Whois of your domain name lists... What is a nameserver and why do I need it? What is a nameserver and why do I need it? A nameserver is a computer that is permanently... What is a parked domain? Parked domains are secondary domains that you point to your account. They will display the same... What is an add-on domain? An add-on domain is a new domain that is added on top of your main domain. It creates a sub... What is the DNS? What is the DNS? The DNS is an abbreviation for the Domain Name System, the domain name system on... Why is the redemption fee so high? We agree with you that the redemption fee is quite high. It is set by our upstream Registrar and... how to avoid a domain name suspension! One of the most critical steps to launching a new site or email client is securing the domain –...
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