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In general, customers can contact many companies via email, sending a message and receiving a reply. This method works well, but when a company has a large number of customers, managing support queries can become challenging for the support staff.

To provide the best support experience, we use a support ticket system. When you encounter an issue, you can describe the problem on our website and submit a form, which creates a ticket with a unique ID. This ticket serves as a centralized location for all communication regarding your issue, ensuring an organized and efficient support process.

Upon creating a ticket, you will be notified by email each time there is a change in the ticket's status. For example, when our support staff responds to your query or provides an update.

Your ticket will remain open until your issue is resolved, and all conversation messages will be stored in one place for easy reference. This system enables our support staff to manage and track customer issues effectively, ensuring a seamless and prompt resolution for your concerns.

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